The Power of a Smile

Inspired by all of the wonderful posts I’m seeing to celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, I thought I would write a short and sweet piece about how a simple smile can make a big difference!

Today is a day to celebrate all things positive, and it seems that year after year the community of women supporting each other is growing larger and stronger, which is wonderful to see! This post, however, isn’t just to celebrate women, this is to celebrate every single human being, and their power to smile.

Often time, people who surround you are going through personal experiences that we know nothing about, and our behaviour and the behaviour of those around us can really affect one another, so we must be more conscious and understanding towards the fact that what we do has a wider impact than we think.

So often I have had the pleasure of seeing people being kind and caring, and making each other happy. It’s beautiful to see, and so easily done! It’s not about big gestures, expensive gifts or extreme effort, it’s all about the little things making a big difference.

So in light of this, whether a colleague or acquaintance, friend or family member, shop assistant or fellow driver, neighbour or complete stranger, give them a smile! As simple as it may seem, it can really brighten up a person’s day, and all the while, it makes you feel bloomin’ good as well!


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