5 Reasons To Travel With Company

Travelling is a wonderful thing to do, whether you’re young and experiencing the world for the first time, or have a lifetime of experience in hopping from place to place, you’ll always discover new landscapes, meet new people, hear new languages, experience new cultures and traditions, and never stop learning, not only about the places you go, but about yourself, too.


Here I’ve explored five reasons to travel with someone, be it husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, family member or travel partner, there’s something great about travelling with someone alongside you, and here’s my reasons why;

  1. Stress Shared is Less Stressful.

    Travelling, as wonderful as it is, can be a stressful and emotional time. Organisation and planning are the main reasons for this, and more often than not, the plans you’ve made in minute detail will be little use as soon as you leave the door, as there are so many external factors that you cannot control and will undoubtedly change your plans. Your train is delayed by five minutes, the knock-on affect of which means you’ll miss your connection and delay your entire day, or your hotel has double booked and you are now left without accommodation for the night, having to wander around unknown streets to find an alternative. Whatever it may be, it’s likely that travel won’t be as smooth as your itinerary likes to show. However, this is all part of the fun when it comes to travelling, the spontaneity, the last minute plans, the new people you’d never have met if you’d stuck to the plan, the amazing scenery you’d never have seen had you taken the planned route and so forth. Having someone to share the stress with makes this seem all the more plain sailing. You’ll bounce off each others energy, having someone tapping your arm in excitement and pointing out something that you hadn’t seen yourself is fantastic. Travelling in company means you have someone to turn to when things don’t go to plan, you have someone to help you make new arrangements and come up with new ideas, and all the more importantly, you have someone to give you a hug when you feel the stress rising, and someone to laugh it all off with at the end of the night when things have worked out just fine, regardless of the paperback itinerary not quite working out.
  2. The More The Merrier. 

    Travelling is a fantastic way to meet new people, be it at local cafes, in your accommodation, the local pub or during activities, there’s always opportunity to meet some really exceptional people from all backgrounds, professions and countries, and travelling alongside someone means you have more to share. You are far more likely to get chatting to other couples or other groups of people if you too are with someone, as opposed to trying to get chatting on your own when the happy couple just want to enjoy their day! As well as this, you have so much more to share. Granted, you may have done a lot together and have a lot in common, but every individual has their own story to tell, and you’ll be surprised at how much you may have in common with someone from the other side of the world. And if you don’t, your chances of getting on with people are doubled, as your travel partner may well have something in common with them, even if you don’t. On top of this, you are able to share your encounter with your travel partner, and keep in touch with the people you meet on a mutual basis. You may find that you’ll get on well enough with some fellow travellers to be invited out with them, which is easier when you have your own company, as you can arrive and leave at your own convenience, and can still enjoy the experience on a personal level and share special moments and memories with your own company, as well as the new friends you’ve made.

  3. A Little Friendly Encouragement Goes A Long Way.

    It’s fair to say, having travelled solo and travelled with a partner, I’ve seen both sides of it, and travelling with a partner definitely means you are more likely to be pushed out of your comfort zone and try something new, something you’d definitely never have done had it not been for your travel companion. And this is an absolutely fantastic way to broaden your experiences and experiment with hobbies and passions. Likewise, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to encourage whoever you’re with to do something that you’ve always wanted to do, and you’ll find nine times out of ten you both absolutely love the experience! As well as this, doing it with someone you’re already acquainted with means you’ll be less embarrassed to try something new, and will be far more comfortable sharing the experience with them and talking, laughing and reminiscing about it for a long time afterward! (You will also have a better chance of getting some great pics if two of you are taking photos of each other during the trip!)
  4. Bonds Tested Are Bonds Tightened. 

    Travelling with someone, whether they’re a good friend, romantic partner or family member is bound to test you in more ways than one. Travel stress can cause friction amongst the two of you, as can alternative desires of what to do when you reach your destination, where you should go and who you meet as well as so many other factors, however you’ll find that in most cases these experiences actually build strength in the relationship as opposed to breaking the bond altogether. If you take the stresses and bickers with a pinch of salt, and appreciate the good times with a massive cherry on top, then you’ll learn that the difficult times and the stress is absolutely and undoubtedly worth it for the magnificent memories you have made together, and this is the perfect recipe for a stronger relationship on all fronts. As well as this, not only will you learn a lot about yourself and your own capabilities throughout the trip, you’ll learn a lot about your partners’, and you’ll better understand how to deal with different situations and be better prepared for how they might react to certain scenarios, therefore being more proactive in finding a peaceful solution. I just love travelling, because you never stop learning, and you appreciate everything so much more!

  5. Natter, Natter, Natter! 

    Lastly, travelling with someone just means that you’ll have an overflowing bucket full of memories and experiences to share amongst yourselves and with everyone else. Arriving home from your travels will find you bouncing off one anothers’ energy and excitement when filling everybody in about all of the phenomenal things you’ve seen and done, and having someone special to bounce off and share those memories with is absolutely priceless. To always be able to say you did those things together, and to be able to share with someone how you felt at that exact moment is precious. You can describe a story down to the exact detail when you arrive home, but your listeners will never truly understand how you felt, what the air felt like brushing past your skin, what noises there were and who was there. Only you and your travel partner will truly understand that, and that is something no one can ever take away from you. That’s something special that the two of you share, and it’s special, just for you!IMG_5369.jpgI write this just a week before setting off on my next travels, and I’m excited to say that following my solo travels earlier this year, I’ll have a special travel partner with me this time, so I’m excited to experience all of the above. If you haven’t already done so, get an adventure booked! Whether it’s heading off somewhere local for the weekend, booking a short holiday or delving into longer-term travel, my advice would be JUST DO IT! You can never choose a wrong time to go somewhere you’ve always wanted or do something you’ve always wanted, so if you need a little extra boost, get yourself a travel partner, and enjoy the experience together.


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